1. Registration for entrants competing for prizes closes July 14th at 5:00 p.m. Late entries will be placed at the end of the lineup.
  2. Parade numbers MUST be worn or displayed on the right hand/front right quarter side of the person or vehicle for judging purposes.
  3. Accepted applications may not be transferred to other individuals or organizations.
  4. All participants must bring to the parade a signed "Parade Liability Release" form for each individual participating in your group.


  1. Representatives must check in prior to lining up to confirm participation.
  2. DO NOT THROW items into the crowd or street. Items may be handed out but not thrown. This policy is supported by the Loveland Police Department.
  3. Loud noises, discharging of weapons, or revving of engines, near or around livestock is not permitted. The only exception will be the Fire Department and the Police Department when they are leading the parade.
  4. All parade entries are subject to review and approval by the Fair Parade Committee, which reserves the right to change classification entered or to refuse entry if deemed necessary.
  5. Bands are described as those groups so formulated to provide musical entertainment and include wind and percussion type instruments, established and directed under proper training ideals.
  6. There will be a fee charged for ALL COMMERCIAL and POLITICAL CAMPAIGN entries. Commercial entries (Floats & Other) are limited to two large units or four small units only. Queen and Parade Sponsors are given credit towards their fee as part of their sponsorship.
  7. Participation in this event is done so at your own risk. Larimer County Fair & Rodeo Board Members, their families and any volunteers helping with the event are NOT liable or responsible for any injuries or damages that may occur. We are also NOT liable or responsible for any theft or damage of property owned by any participant.
  8. Do not stop to unload or disband until the end of the parade route and are back in the staging area at Barnes Park. All persons must get off of the float at Barnes Park and walk to their respective cars. Horses can walk through the ballpark and over the bridge along with the walkers. No vehicles will be able to leave Barnes Park until the entire parade has completed the route to help insure the safety of all participants and audience.
  9. NO motorized vehicles or animals are allowed on Barnes Park turf area.
  10. Participants will not accost parade route spectators. No water guns or water balloons will be used to spray or throw at the spectators.
  11. Alcoholic beverages are strictly forbidden on any float, in any vehicle or on the person of any participant. Participants consuming alcohol prior to or during the parade will be removed
  12. No unit may impede the continuous flow of the parade.
  13. Units must stay within approximately one float length of the entry in front of theirs or their entry could be disqualified from judging.
  14. If for any reason, a gap of greater than 20’ is created, units must close the gap. Stopping or reversing motion on the parade route will be grounds for disqualification. This may also result in removal from the parade and jeopardize future invitations to participate.


  1. Floats are encouraged and welcomed.
  2. Use live or recorded music when possible. If music or sound is to be used, please note this on the application as a consideration of placement.
  3. Floats are not to exceed 13½ feet in height or 16 feet in width. Maximum length is 60 feet per unit.
  4. No additional vehicles (including, but not limited to cars, vans, scooters and marchers) will be allowed to accompany units, unless pre-approved by the Parade Committee.
  5. ATTENTION DRIVERS: The speed of the parade is 5 miles per hour, maximum. The drivers need to pay close attention to the float/band/group in front of them and maintain a minimum space of 20 feet between them.
  6. Drivers must remain with floats at all times and be appropriately dressed.
  7. All floats must carry a fire extinguisher with them.
  8. All floats and vehicles must provide proof of insurance (necessary insurance: combined bodily injury and property damage with limits of $100,000). Evidence of insurance must be received ALONG WITH YOUR APPLICATION to be eligible for participation in the parade.
  9. All participants riding on the floats must be wearing safety belts or have handholds while the float is moving. Floats that do not have safety belts or handholds will not be allowed in the parade. Safety belts must be worn on the outside of garments.
  10. All floats and royalty must be in place at their designated time at the designated assembly area.
  11. All floats must carry a fire extinguisher with them.


  2. Riders under twelve (12) years of age must have an adult walking with them.
  3. No Stallions
  4. Any rider showing inability to control his animal will be deemed unsafe and will be removed from the parade.
  5. Only one rider per horse.
  6. Each rider (or group) must provide their own clean-up unit. Any entry without a clean-up unit will not be allowed on the parade route. A $200.00 fine shall be assessed for any entry failing to clean up their animal wastes in the staging area.


  1. An impartial panel of judge(s) will judge all entries in the competition. All decisions of the judge(s) is final.
  2. Any and all of the following may be considered by the judge(s): conformity to the theme of a "Uniquely Larimer County"; appearance; performance; imagination, creativity, formation and uniqueness.
  3. The judges reviewing stand will be located on the West side of Cleveland between 4th and 5th Streets


  1. Prize winners will be notified by mail as to when and where to pick up their prizes.
  2. Parade results will be published in the local newspapers, space available.
  3. COMMISSIONER’S SWEEPSTAKES AWARD 1st Overall ……………………………… $300.00

FLOATS: The following is a list of the standard categories and general criteria to govern the selection of the recipients:

JUDGING CRITERIA: The panel of judges will base their decision on the following:

  1. TITLE AND THEME: 25% This is the basic idea of the float. By making the basic idea and title conform to
  2. the Parade Theme or Fair "atmosphere" it will add to the unity of the parade. The other judging criteria measures how well this basic idea is developed.
  3. INGENUITY: 15%
  4. PUBLIC APPEAL: 15% Public appeal is the enjoyment of the float by the audience. People in our audience are of different age groups and of different backgrounds. Quality in all of the first seven criteria will affect their enjoyment.
  5. CRAFTSMANSHIP: 15% The design will all its ideas, is one part of quality; the other part is craftsmanship. The craftsmanship score will depend on neatness, solid construction, the proper working of mechanical parts and achievement of detail.
  6. PROPORTIONS; BALANCE AND SPACE: 10% Proportion is the size relationships among the features of the float. However, the basic idea of the float may call for intentional lack of proportion. Balance and space take in two questions; Is the overall design graceful or clumsy? Is the space of the float used to support the basic idea, or is it wasted?
  7. COLOR: 10% Color brings up two questions; Are the colors and their combinations pleasing? How well do they contribute to the desired effect?
  8. ANIMATION AND SOUND EFFECTS: 10% These criteria deal with anything on the float that adds to the total effect of the float. Motion and sound are examples of special effects.


1stGrand Marshal’s AwardTrophy
2ndFair Board AwardTrophy
3rdLarimer County AwardTrophy
1stGrand Marshal’s AwardTrophy
2ndFair Board AwardTrophy
3rdLarimer County AwardTrophy
1stGrand Marshal’s Award$100.00
2ndFair Board Award$ 50.00
3rdLarimer County Award$ 25.00

SPECIALTY UNITS: A specialty unit is defined as any other parade unit that is not a float, equestrian, or queen. This can include, but is not limited to specialty vehicles, synchronized walking units and entertainers. The number of walkers accompanying any Specialty Unit will be limited, with the exact number determined by the committee.

  1. CAR CLUBS: A 10-car limit per each car club constitutes an entry unit.
  2. All judging for specialty units will be done during the procession down the Parade route.
  3. JUDGING CRITERIA: The panel of judges will base their decision on the following:
    1. THEME: 25% Conformity with parade theme.
    2. COLOR: 25% Costumes props and eye appeal.
    3. INGENUITY: 25% Creativity and originality.
    4. PUBLIC APPEAL: 25% Enjoyment by the audience.


1stGrand Marshal’s Award$100.00
2ndFair Board Award$ 50.00
3rdLarimer County Award$ 25.00


  1. Any vendors participating in the Larimer County Fair & Rodeo Parade (i.e.: balloons, souvenirs, etc.) will be subject to all rules and regulations pertaining to such as required by the City of Loveland, CO. and will not be the responsibility of the Larimer County Fair & Rodeo Parade Committee. LAW ENFORCEMENT: Law enforcement officers and parade officials, in that order, are in authority concerning parade matters.

Acknowledgment of Policies

By checking the box below and entering my name, I declare that I have read and understand the above policies and agree to comply with them. I will insure that the facility is not damaged in any manner by virtue of such use, and I understand that I am fully responsible for prompt repair in accordance with the County's instructions, at my sole expense, of any such damage that shall occur.

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